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Starting a new job


The start date for my new job has been slightly delayed, but only by a week and a half, which is kind of good as it gives me more time to get organised!

I’m looking forward to getting started but also I’m going to miss being at home and the pace of life I’m beginning to get quite used to, being out of work.

The organisation I will be joining is concerned with health and wellbeing, as was my previous employer, so I already feel like a know quite a lot of stuff. But there’s also so much to learn, as there is with any new job I guess.

It’s six years since I’ve been the new girl, so that’s worrying me a little, but not too much. The people I’ve met so far are all so, so lovely.

Meanwhile I’m spending my days wrapping up things with the old job and preparing for the new. I must admit there’s been a couple of shopping trips. New job – new wardrobe! And new job – new me! I’ve treated myself to some highly recommended skincare products too and can’t wait to give them a try. They are from the Deciem shop in Covent Garden,  London, where everything looked very scientific, almost like a laboratory!


Being made redundant has been an extremely stressful experience.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed in my entire life as I have been over the past couple of months. Friends who have experienced redundancy themselves say the same thing. The fear of being out of work and having no income is pretty awful.

So yesterday, now the finishing line is finally in sight, I decided to give myself another treat – a facial and a massage. It was total bliss! (Apart from the fact that I forgot to turn my phone off and that my phone rang four times).

I’m still negotiating my redundancy payment, but knowing that it is coming meant I could loosen the purse strings slightly which was so nice after worrying about every single penny for several months.

I’ve also found meditation once again, after speaking with personal growth coach Louise Presley Turner recently, for an article for my blog, which you can find here. Louise is a big advocate for meditation as am I. I first found meditation while on a backpacking trip to Thailand with my daughter around six years ago. We were invited to meditate with Buddhist monks after we stumbled upon a Buddhist festival. I then went on to join meditation groups close to home and was a regular at a Buddhist temple in Kent. I did regular meditation for a year and it made a huge difference to my life. I was extremely focussed and probably the most relaxed and content I’ve ever been. I slipped out of the habit of doing it, but I’m determined to pick it up again.

So that’s my latest news on the job front. There’s light at the end of the tunnel and the end of the tunnel isn’t far off.

Buddhism in Bangkok
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