About me


This is me – blogger, writer and former journalist. Also a wannabe best selling author, one day …

Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to find out a little more about me.

This blog was launched as a result of redundancy. My so called “permanent” job suddenly disappeared overnight, along with the income.

Initially I panicked and began applying for all sorts of highly unsuitable jobs in far flung places. But once I calmed down I realised that long term this wasn’t the best thing to do, it would only provide a possible short term fix. So instead I decided to take a deep breath, calm down and have a little think. What did I really want to do?

I gave it lots of thought. Would I like to retire – yes, but I couldn’t afford to and I’m too young. Perhaps I could run away to the other side of the world and meditate with Buddhist monks – yes, but I have a mortgage to pay and a student daughter to help support. I need to be practical.

So like most people I have to find another job. But what do I really want to do? What would be my dream job? And how would I go about getting it?!

I talked to friends and colleagues, my professional network and others who were already doing their dream jobs and they came up with some great tips and lots of sound advice. Some put me in touch with top businessmen and woman who could share their secrets of success too. I researched and interviewed and ended up with a mountain of information to nail those covering letters, to polish and perfect my CV and how to really stand out in the application process.

I have spoken with entrepreneurs who have launched products and services. They’ve taken risks, gone with the gut feelings when those around them are shaking their heads – and they now have orders flooding in from all around the world. I’ve spoken with writers who stopped procrastinating and put pen to paper and who are now published and selling their books. I’ve spoken with people who have turned their hobbies into careers.

In a very short amount of time I had so much great stuff that I thought hang on a minute, not only can this help me, but this could help the thousands of other people who are also searching for a new job, looking for a change of career and others who are eager to escape a boring 9-5. And so The Dream Job Blog was born.

This blog is not only my own personal musings but also a series of success stories which show that it can be done and that it is possible. There are lots of dream jobs out there for the taking.

So let’s go on a journey together – and find our dream jobs! What are you waiting for?!



The Dream Job Blogger